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More on Buckshot

In Rules on March 11, 2010 at 11:53 am

Yesterday I wrote about buckshot rules and got one very long comment. So long that I felt it merited its own post in response.

First, when developing these rules, I sat down with a gun enthusiast who’s been in real firefights. I used a lot of what I was told and therefore may not be able to back up some of this with anything other than “an expert told me”. Where possible, I did find information online that people can look at. See the end of the post for source links.

At close range, that’s literally antitank damage. 6d10 is as much as a Militech RPG-A. Buckshot doesn’t explode, of course, but 10d10 will essentially vaporize an unarmored target on an average roll. I don’t mean kill, either. 55-odd damage is past mortal 6.

It’s possible that an RPG-A isn’t doing enough damage given plastic explosive is doing 8d10. That’s what I was using as a guideline. And within 10 feet, the larger shot calibers are apparently that nasty. Now it’s possible my expert was thinking of the modern C-4, where Cyberpunk 2020 posits a more advanced “C-6” version. However, without the stats for C-4 or any idea how much more damage C-6 is doing, we did our best.

Buckshot will not vaporize a target but yes, it should kill it at close range. Period. It won’t vaporize because at 12 feet, the spread is only 2.5 inches. This shot then penetrated 7 boards of 5/8″ sheet rock. I have no problem believing it would penetrate Kevlar.

It should kill it because once it’s entered the body cavity, it will spread and ricochet. Here’s an image from the ballistic gelatin test. Read the rest of this entry »


Buckshot Rules

In Equipment, Rules on March 10, 2010 at 9:00 am

In many modern games, shotgun rules only cover slugs, making the shotgun just another version of a rifle but without any range. Cyberpunk 2020 lists buckshot but doesn’t portray it in a realistic manner. These are the rules we’ve developed in our game. Typical armor has 20 points of soak.

0-10 feet  = 10d10
10-25 feet  =  6d10
25 feet+  =  2d6+3 x 1d10

Notes We chose the 00 buckshot as being the most common type used to keep the rules fairly simple and streamlined. At ranges of more than 25 feet, the player rolls 1d10 to see how many pellets hit then roll for individual pellet damage.

9mm rounds do 2d6, while 11mm are 3d6 so an individual “00” buckshot pellet falls between these two. C6 plastique explosive does 8d10 which means at very close range, buckshot is doing more damage.

sawed off shotgun
Image by sorakirei via Flickr

We felt this helped reflect several factors: the randomness inherent in a firefight, the really explosive damage buckshot is capable of at close ranges and the truly limited range a shotgun firing buckshot pellets has.

Sawed off shotguns would be more concealable and have less recoil (+1 to hit) but the ranges listed above would be halved. People use them now to increase pellet spread, reasoning that hitting with any pellets is better than hitting with many pellets. When shooting at unarmored targets, this is true but against armored targets, the strategy loses much of its effectiveness.

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