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Session 1: Character Creation

In General, Props on April 2, 2010 at 4:18 am

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I ran our first session, which was all about campaign introduction and character creation, in a quasi-seminar format. It was an astounding success and everyone really loved how it worked out.

1. I removed a lot of the furniture from my living room and set up 2 tables, with chairs, in a kind of boardroom set up.

2. I gave away swag! I probably spent $20+ on this but it was well worth it. Swag included dice, pencils, scratch paper, nametags, an NPC business card and a cd that included genre-specific images, music and pdf’s.

3. I included a folder with my pamphlet, a lot of information on the campaign and character creation as well as a player questionnaire and GM evaluation sheets.

4. I hooked up my laptop to our HDTV and created a Power Point presentation that covered the high points as well as a lot of general creation information such as statistics, special abilities and related information. I also included new rules in this. Read the rest of this entry »


Dark Celebrities

In NPCs on March 26, 2010 at 9:00 am

Another Worth 1000 inspired idea. If you do one of the more common crossovers and have vampires in your modern game, consider tossing one of these pics in for an NPC. There are alot of good ones in this contest but my favorite is this one.

That’s just nasty looking. Telling my players that’s what they see is sure to have them scrambling!

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