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What Is A World of Corruption?

In Setting on February 25, 2010 at 5:00 am

The World of Corruption campaign is set in 2030 in Columbus, Georgia and being 20 years in the future, there have been significant technological advances such as nano-modifications of the human body and sentient Artificial Intelligence.

The city of Columbus will be familiar to all the campaign players to a great extent but there are significant differences. The neighborhoods near Victory Drive, bordering on Fort Benning, between highway 185 and 30th Avenue have been walled off into a Combat Zone and ignored by the rest of the city.

The areas near St. Mary’s Road are dirtier and nastier than they are even now and few walk those streets at night without being armed while Fort Benning is now completely fenced in with razor wire and electrified fencing. Phenix City is pretty much forgotten by time and there’s almost nothing there worth the time to cross the river.

Wait a second, everyone is carrying guns now?

It is the South. Hunting for dinner here was still common in 2010 in many areas and the trend in gun laws begun in 2008 was continued. Citizens are considered responsible for their own safety except in a few very delineated areas.

In 2011, when the economy of the United States finally collapsed from the abuses of the banking industry, Georgia passed a law requiring citizens to a) take a gun safety and use class sponsored by the NRA and b) own a personal firearm.

In 2013, when the state ran out of money for basic civil services for the fifth time, The Marcos Frazier Law was passed, granting immunity to anyone who used a firearm while preventing crime anywhere. Concealed carry permit laws were completely repealed, effectively granting anyone the ability to carry a concealed weapon of any type legal in Georgia anywhere.

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