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Help Me With A Campaign Portfolio

In General, Props on March 6, 2010 at 6:00 am

The other day, I was struck by a brilliant idea. I’m running a modern game where corporations have a great deal of negative impact on the world around them. I decided to have our character creation session be run as a seminar, complete with portfolio and swag.

The first thing I did was make a list of everything I wanted to include in the portfolio and very quickly, I had TWENTY-FIVE items. That’s a huge number and far beyond the scope of my project. I did some whittling and combing and came up with the following:

Brochures produced earlier, Character Sheet of my own design, Character Creation Information, Game Information Sheet, Swag, Sample Chr Sheet, Combat Example/Primer, Q/A Sheet, GM Screen Info, In-character Job application, GM Evaluation Sheet, Player Interview Sheet, Crime/Punishment Info Sheet, Screamsheet, Additional Resources and an Intro Evaluation (so I can see how this idea goes over).

I’ve finished the Campaign Information and here it is! Let me know what you would change.


A World Of Corruption

Game Information Sheet

Viriatha de Cordova, 7XX-9XX-3XX0, Monday – Sunday 9am-10pm
XXXX XXXX Street, Every Other Thursday 7pm – 11pm

Required Materials

Dice, 6- and 10-sided
Paper as needed
Character Sheets
Pencils provided on request Read the rest of this entry »