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Knowing Your Monsters

In Monsters on March 17, 2010 at 9:00 am

Monsters do not just appear out of thin air. Natural monsters will have evolved to fill an ecological niche and this gives them certain strengths and weaknesses. Monsters that have been bred or magically created by someone, for a specific purpose. This will define their mix of abilities as strongly as evolution ever did.

As a GM you need to know the story of your new monster species. A creature created to guard a wizard’s dungeon will be very different from a predator evolved to feed on wild cattle on a vast plain. 6d6 Fireball

This is particularly true for modern games. Human “monsters” come from somewhere. People don’t kill people for no frakkin’ reason – most of the time. If it is seemingly random, then there even more need to know the background because it’s going to affect combat. Effects such as cyber-psychosis, a bad drug trip and just plain being crazy are going to change how a human being reacts to pain, shoots a gun and moves around.

When you get into the realm of killer machines, genetically engineered attack animals and just plain odd stuff such as vampires, aliens and magical constructs, how and why it fits into a modern world becomes crucial.

It could be as simple as one line, “Arasaka developed and built the combat robo-dog to more cheaply guard and patrol perimeters.” A paragraph or two would suffice for the genetic development of killer plants. And you could write a whole campaign behind something as out-of-the-ordinary as the existence of vampires and aliens. Knowing these backgrounds will help you use the “monster” logically, provide plot hooks and story and help your players fit themselves into your setting.

Take a look at the story “Frankenstein”. Sure, it’s old but the lesson here is important. The good doctor is the background to the monster. A rampaging killer amoeba in downtown Dallas could well lead the party to finding the illegal gene lab that produced it – as well as the amoeba’s bigger, badder friends.

In a modern world, everything exists for a reason.

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Liquid Snake

In Monsters on March 14, 2010 at 9:00 am

One of the sites I just love for inspiration is Worth 1000. This is a place for graphic artists of all skill levels to come compete and hone skillz. Sometimes I’ll post here with something I’ve been inspired with.

Four months ago, a contest ran called Liquid Assets. The winner was the creator of this Liquid Snake.

This nanotechnology, solar-powered assassin would be nearly impossible to see before the venom is coursing through your system. With several stealth bonuses, the fangs can slowly reconfigure to pierce armor or seep around seems in clothing. The venom is deadly and fast. The weakness of this creation is the lack of armor. Needing to leave the skin free for solar cells, armor isn’t a feasible option at this time.

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