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Science Fiction Sandbox Recipe (Repost)

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A 3D model of a :en:C60 molecule, also called ...

Originally posted at Bard of Valiant

Unless you’re running a Traveller game, a scifi sandbox can be a little difficult to pull off since many of these games end up in very familiar settings. So try this for a different kind of campaign:

  1. Watch this video at BoingBoing about destroying the world through nanotech.
  2. Introduce nanotech into your game. Nanotech is like the modern equivalent of magic, it can do almost anything in a game.
  3. Give the players access to the nanotech instructions somehow. Allow them to input some ideas into the computers for it. You might want to limit this to 3-4 things so you don’t end up with a world you can’t run!
  4. Let it loose and see what happens!

This is a game I’ve always wanted to run but haven’t had the chance at yet. If you give your players access to a scientist NPC who helps them modify the tech, you even get a little control over what they do. He might balk at making them rich with the technology but love the idea of fire-breathing dragons!

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