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Map: Bar

In Maps on March 16, 2010 at 9:00 am

A bar with a lounge and unisex bathroom.

Since the above is a screenshot taken in maptools, here are 2 close-up shots. One is of the bar area itself and the other of the storage room.

Here’s a link to the Maptools campaign file.

  1. Viri, are you building these maps directly in MapTool or are you composing in Dunjinni first, and then editing in MapTool? The reason I ask, is that a number of the image files you’re using look like they are usable by Dunjinni. I’m just wondering how you used these files in MapTool.

    Great maps! Looks like a pretty gritty establishment.

  2. I build them using Google images for floorplans and then Maptools. I edit them for publishing in Paint. Maptools uses and can import the same objects resources as Dundjinni, CC3 and Fractal Mapper so that’s probably why you’re seeing similarities.

    Glad you like the map 🙂

  3. We’ve also been playing tabletop rpg computer aided for some time now, and also using maptools as a medium (+ skype for our external players)

    I got one of my maps downloadable online, if you want to check it out:

    (sorry about the link, and the site is mostly finnish. Also note that we use our own system, specifically optimized for computer aided tactical action. (CATA ftw 🙂 Therefore stats and tokens are prolly fucked up, but feel free to abuse the map.

    It’s been made with dundjinni (walls only) and then finished in paint shop pro 7 (floors, some doodads and those lightning effects).

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