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Etymology of Corruption mid-14c., of material things, especially dead bodies, also of the soul, morals, etc., from Fr. corruption, from L. corruptionem, noun of action from corrumpere (see corrupt). Of public offices from early 15c.; of language from late 15c. emphasis mine

What is the stable currency and why? Eurobucks. With Europe being far more affluent than the fragmented remains of the US, the dollar has long been out of favor for world finance exchange. The euro is backed by a much stronger economy and more stable government system.

Why are the prices so high? Time and inflation. First, prices rise over time even when the economy is doing well. Second, when you have a collapse like I’ve posited inflation goes wild and things cost even more. For the most part, I multiplied book prices by 3 or doubled current pricing schemes if the item wasn’t listed in a book.

What’s a screamsheet? A news flimsy. Generally, these are electronic in the setting but players need something to hold in the game so I make a paper newspaper handout.

Is the term cyberpunk copy written? No, the word itself is not although terms like “cyberpunk 2020” are trademarks. You can read more about the differences here.

How would you go about persuading someone to drop their AD&D and take up Sci Fi roleplaying? Short answer, Ask.

Long answer: First convince them to play more than 1 game at a time. Then find out what scifi tv, movies or books they like best and try that kind of game. You have a better chance of success if you start with something they already enjoy. Also, you don’t want them to give up their first love while they play the new game in town.

Lastly, I wouldn’t expect them to drop fantasy roleplaying entirely but open their options to include more types of games in several genres.

Can you give me some roleplaying tips? Care. your character should always give a damn. whether he’s a cynic or an idealist, there needs to be something about the world he wants to change if only he had the power.

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  1. Good post, Viri! Helps clear up some of the details. One of the tough hurdles in a lot of sci-fi/modern games (for me) is lack of a sense of advancement. For example: I love the idea of Traveller, but with no advancement, motivation can lag. It’s one of the reasons I loved Star Frontiers. There was some advancement both in level and skills used. My secret hope is that Wizards will revitalize the property and give it the 4e treatment. Alien explorers NEED to be able to fight a Beholder. 🙂

  2. Good luck 🙂

    In Cyberpunk, advancement is in skills and cash gained as there are no levels. I haven’t played Traveller in so long, I don’t remember it.

    I don’t think a 4E version would do well though. the d20 version is often maligned and as far as I can tell, the most disliked. The GURPS version is the one I hear the best things about.

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