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The Good(?) Guys, Random Allies

In Generators, NPCs on March 7, 2010 at 9:00 am

Character creation in Cyberpunk 2020 includes rolling up a “lifepath” or series of events that has happened to your character before he started adventuring. Unless they’re very unlucky, players will usually get at least one ally, sometimes as many as 5 but normally around 3.

So, to save myself some time and effort, I’m using a couple of online tools, to generate some allies I can have ready with a few jobs available for the PCs. An online random number generator is key so I’m not tossing dice all night but it doesn’t really matter. What does is the GURPS NPC Generator.

I roll 1d100 for relative power then click “Random Random” to generate a GURPS NPC. While some things on the generated sheet are pretty system-specific, alot of it isn’t and makes for great people in a world. See this example (the formatting sucks, so does life), with the really key bits in red :

Human Archer: Barry Pfister 36.5 points

sex: male                     age: 28 nationality: Human
hair: red                     height: 6’0″ tech-level: 4
eyes: brown                   weight: 172lbs. genre: fantasy

STATS _______________________ SECONDARY STATS ______________________________
strength: 11                  hit-points: 10                will: 10
dexterity: 11                 fatigue: 11                   vision: 10
intelligence: 9               speed: 5.25                   hearing: 8
health: 10                    move [enc]: 5[5]              taste-smell: 9

ADVANTAGES __________________ DISADVANTAGES _______________ QUIRKS __________
combat-reflexes               blood-lust                    abhors monastaries
legal-enforcement: 1          dreamer                       attracted to pranksters
toughness: 1                  enemy: 1                      nauseated by bad parenting
odious-personal-habit: 3

SKILLS ___________________________________________________________
astrology: 8 climbing: 12                  short-sword: 13
axe-mace: 10                  first-aid: 9                  singing: 9
bow: 11                       flail: 10                     spear: 9
brawling: 11                  knife: 11                     stealth: 11
broad-sword: 11               meditation: 10 two-hand-axe-mace: 10
camouflage: 8 shield: 12                    two-hand-sword: 11

COMBAT __________________________________________________________
-] encumbrance: None [0](22lbs)  carrying 12.12lbs (2.6lbs armor, 9.52lbs weapons)
-] dodge [enc]: 9[9]   block: 10  parry: (short-sword)10 (brawling)9   base-dr: 1
-> damage: th 1d-1, sw 1d+1      punch:  th 1d-2  kick: th 1d+0

Weapons/Equipment __________________________________________________
Composite bow              damage: th 1d+2, sw –  ss:14 acc:3 rof:1/3 st:10 ammo:21
Large Knife                damage: th 1d-1, sw 1d-1  st:-  rch:c,1 note: max dam 1d+2
Shortsword                 damage: th 1d-1, sw 1d+1  st:7  rch:1 note: imp thrust

ARMOR ____________________________________________________________
Buckler                    db:1 dr:3 area:shield-arm weight:2lbs note: [1hit/hp] 5/20
Cloth Gloves               db:0 dr:1/0 area:hands weight:0lbs
Necklace                   db:0 dr:0 area:neck weight:.1lbs
Soft Leather Shoes         db:0 dr:1/0 area:feet  weight:0.5lbs

I’ll replace the rest of it with whatever relevant system stats I need, changing the archery skills to sniper statistics.

Quick, dirty, easy NPCs on the fly.

Using a random relative power number means some allies will be terrific and some near useless but hey, them’s the breaks in an imperfect world.

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