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The other day, I was struck by a brilliant idea. I’m running a modern game where corporations have a great deal of negative impact on the world around them. I decided to have our character creation session be run as a seminar, complete with portfolio and swag.

The first thing I did was make a list of everything I wanted to include in the portfolio and very quickly, I had TWENTY-FIVE items. That’s a huge number and far beyond the scope of my project. I did some whittling and combing and came up with the following:

Brochures produced earlier, Character Sheet of my own design, Character Creation Information, Game Information Sheet, Swag, Sample Chr Sheet, Combat Example/Primer, Q/A Sheet, GM Screen Info, In-character Job application, GM Evaluation Sheet, Player Interview Sheet, Crime/Punishment Info Sheet, Screamsheet, Additional Resources and an Intro Evaluation (so I can see how this idea goes over).

I’ve finished the Campaign Information and here it is! Let me know what you would change.


A World Of Corruption

Game Information Sheet

Viriatha de Cordova, 7XX-9XX-3XX0, Monday – Sunday 9am-10pm
XXXX XXXX Street, Every Other Thursday 7pm – 11pm

Required Materials

Dice, 6- and 10-sided
Paper as needed
Character Sheets
Pencils provided on request

Game Objectives And Design Philosophy

While we’re all gaming to have fun, not every game suits all players. This game will be a “peanut butter/chocolate game”. While it is primarily Cyberpunk 2020 in flavor and rules, I’ve made significant changes to those rules and I’ve never done a Cyberpunk game that wasn’t a crossover of some sort, the most notable and memorable being a Vampire: the Masquerade crossover that lasted several years. While I won’t introduce things like Dr. Who to a Star Wars campaign, expect the unexpected. In this particular case, for the World of Corruption, I have a specific world changing event in mind that will change the genre and make it a very different game than how it will start.

As a Game Master, I kill stupid people. I believe in Darwinism in action. A stupid person won’t live long in the world of Cyberpunk. Keep in mind that has included jackass character concepts that detract from the game and draw attention. Drawing attention in the Dark Future can be a very lethal proposition.

Behavior Policy

  • Please discuss rolls with me and get a “go-ahead” before tossing the dice. I ask this for two reasons. 1) I need a bit of time to decide on an appropriate difficulty number. Not a lot of time, but more than no time at all. 2) Rolls are not valid unless done in full view of another person. While they don’t necessarily need to be “witnessed” per se, rolls made when they can’t be seen will never be considered valid.
  • Please turn off cellphones if possible or put them on vibrate if not. Cellphones beeping and ringing during the game are massive distractions. Please don’t answer them unless it’s an emergency. Please do not text or play games on them during the game. This is for the enjoyment of everyone and we will all thank you for it.
  • Personality disagreements happen. I am not going to be so fortunate that everyone will always get along and love each other and everything we all do. Please sit down and work that out with the other person. Please don’t talk about them behind their back. Please don’t come to me and complain about personal issues. Be adults.
  • If you disagree about game mechanics or something that happened in game and is a game issue, however, I do very much want to know about it but I ask that you contact me outside the game. If the issue is with me as a GM or the mechanics themselves, feel free to flag me as soon as the current session is over. If they’re with the possibility of someone cheating or acting inappropriately, please contact me during the week between games.

XP Benefits

I give improvement point (xp) bonuses if you bring snacks to the game, write an in-character diary, write up something about an element of the game or invent new gear. I give up to 10 points per session.

If you write about a game element or invent something new, please run the idea by me first to be sure your idea will fit the campaign setting before you put a great deal of work into it. Think carefully about how your ideas might affect gameplay before discussing them with me. Keep in mind, I have the enjoyment of everyone at the table in mind, including myself, should I turn the idea down.

Example 1

One player had an idea for “pewter” bullets based on research they’d read some years ago. These bullets were very hard, if expensive, and greatly reduced the effectiveness of armor of all kinds. A character with just slightly above average skill in guns at the time could easily have had a “one shot, one kill” scenario with this equipment.

The player recognized that even though the idea was interesting and realistic, it would have destroyed a great deal of the enjoyment both they and I derived from the game. He wisely chose to keep the idea t himself and never developed it for play.

Example 2

Another player had a problem with a game mechanic. Shotgun rules in Cyberpunk 2020 worked very well if slugs were utilized but had no good rules for buckshot. The person discussed the matter with me and we both determined that yes, this issue needed to be fixed. They went and developed rules for buckshot which I approved and the group later used and tested.


What would you add, remove, change? I need advice!

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  1. Hey choomba,

    You might want to mention how many of each kind of die they need. Woe to the player who brought his World of Darkness box of d10s and not enough d6s for a .357 revolver. Although that probably won’t come up unless you have WoD players who don’t know CP2020 at all.

    Also, you mention a genre-changing world event. I find this to be a little odd, as cyberpunk is a genre, and I thought the idea was to have a cyberpunk game. Not that I have anything against post-apocalyptic games or Shadowrun-style stuff, but telling me “this is going to be a cyberpunk game except not and I’m not telling what” strikes me as strange and a bit of a turnoff. If you really want it to be a surprise or an interesting plot (like having to survive the apocalypse two sessions in!) don’t mention this at all. If it’s ultimately intended to be another genre, tell them what that genre is so that you might avoid terribly mixed expectations.

    The next bit might sound picky, but it’s about the wording of the part on character death. I kill for grossly stupid decisions and ill-thought plans, too, but a character can still die on a calculated risk or otherwise “legitimately” dangerous situation such as an ambush. Especially if this happens in an earlier session, a player might feel like they’re being called stupid even if they’re just unlucky. This all kinda depends on what your players are like personality-wise.

    I like the idea of getting IP from writeups, especially considering how hard it is to get to the higher levels of skill (difficulty 4 martial arts are a pain).

    I would strongly recommend adding the premise of the plot or some sort of introduction to the campaign. If I were playing I wouldn’t know anything beyond “CP2020, homebrew setting.”

    I would probably add some recommended reading/watching/playing and a link to the Cyberpunk Manifesto for the benefit of those less familiar with the genre.

    And out of curiosity, what were the rules you ended up using for buckshot?

    My 0.02eb

  2. Wow! Those are some excellent points to consider! This is one document in a handout that will span some 20+ pages so not all fo that will end up here but I’ll keep it all in mind while designing. Thanks 🙂

    The buckshot rules will be coming Wednesday.

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