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In Props, Setting on March 1, 2010 at 8:30 am

The last few posts have been background information for my campaign planning because I was inspired by something posted over at Held Action back in October about making pamphlets for players.

It’s an absolutely beautiful tutorial and made the whole process very, very easy. I do wish he’d included a download of this own Ghostbusters product but no joy on that.

For myself, I made a decent cover page with black and white art (no color printer here). Then I included a glossary but tried hard to keep to terms I actually use in the game that would be relevant. I used Wikipedia to grab some intro material but then the interior of the thing was basic campaign background.

I tried to avoid just duplicating information that could be found in the Cyberpunk 2020 book.

Here’s a pic of one page and if you like that, grab a download.

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  1. I do wish he’d included a download of this own Ghostbusters product but no joy on that.

    I wanted to, I really did. So much of the text was borrowed, or only lightly massaged, from published sources that I didn’t feel comfortable making it available for download.

    Doing a complete original write-up is a good “to do” project for the next Ghostbusters game, particularly since some of the mechanics have been tweaked. If I get to it, I’ll certainly make the new version available for download.

  2. Keep us posted! It was a great idea and the tutorial you wrote made it very do-able for those of us without l33t word-processing skillz. Thanks!

  3. Nifty. I especially like the short slang guide, game world specific slang is always fun.

  4. Me, too. The trick is to have slang you’ll actually use. People don’t shift over to alternate language maps naturally.

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