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What the hell? A burger costs 5$?!?!

In Setting on February 28, 2010 at 6:00 am

Come on, choomba! The economy melted down. You’re lucky you’re eating!

Prices in 2040 – Columbus, GA

Bottle of Coke    3eb
Candy Bar    4eb
Fast Food Meal    12eb
Restaurant Meal    90eb
Gallon of CHOO2    10eb
Taxi Ride: 5 Miles    30eb
T-Shirt    45eb
1-Carat Diamond    10,000eb
Economy Car    45,0000eb
9mm Handgun    1300eb
Pack of Cigarettes    12eb
DVD Player    150eb
DVD    5eb
1 Bedroom Efficiency    1200eb/Month
2 Bedroom House    350,000eb
Ammunition, 9mm (50)    100eb
Kevlar Jacket    600eb
Laptop    5000eb
Movie Admission    25eb
Utilities    500eb per month

Editor’s Note: “eb” stands for eurobucks. The euro is the most common, stable currency of 2030.

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  1. My apologies, eurobucks – slang for the euro.

  2. Hey, great to see people playing Cyberpunk!

    The price given for guns and ammo strike me as odd, though. While 1300 is right on for, say, a solid pistol with a smartlink, that seems a lot for an average pistol. And if pistols really have become that expensive, are polymer one-shots popular now? Just my two eurocents.

  3. The above was posted by Faceless Solo, and then idiotically mistakenly deleted by me. Note to self: never deal with comments before caffeine ><

    Anyhow, my reply: Hey, Faceless Solo! A solid 9mm pistol in 2010 averages $700 or more, depending on model, etc. so it’s not outrageous to think the price comes close to doubling in 20 years, especially given the effects of runaway inflation.

    Polymer one-shots have not been popular with players because they are, well, one shots P

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